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Unruly Nature

Tuscan Orange

Tuscan Orange

Orange, anise, and sweet almond come together with a blissful combination of flavor. This delightful trio invokes the taste of a cocktail on an Italian terrace, without the alcohol.  Transport yourself, satisfy your hunger, and fuel your body with a bag of this by your side anywhere you go.

Always vegan and made with gluten free ingredients.

(P.S.) Try this on top of ice cream to give some extra love to your dessert- and your body.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Delicious flavor. Perfect in every way. Great on vanilla Greek yogurt drizzled with honey.

Erica F.

Genuinely everything. The crunch was perfect, it’s lightly sweet in every bite, and the orange and anise work together beautifully.

Catarina S.

The taste was amazing, it tasted so fresh and it was a great snack to just have on the go. My kids and husband all loved it as well.

Lele G.

Firstly..this stuff smells AMAZING. I love the mapley + orange smell. And at first look, it has all these different kind of nuts & that definitely SHOWS when you go to taste it. There were so many different flavors when I tasted it but the one that stood out the most was definitely the orange. Overall i’d love to get a few big bags of these & in different flavors if possible!

Cielo I.

This one the absolute BEST granola I have ever tasted. The orange, anise, and almond oil really pop. I tried some in my yogurt and then ate some alone, just as a snack. My two-year old even loved it - he asked for more! Sadly, we ran out so off to Unruly Nature for more!